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Volunteer Participation Requirements
Training Requirements
Elk Grove / Galt CERT members volunteering for any Community Event, assist with CERT Training or deploying to local/regional emergencies where Elk Grove / Galt CERT has been activated, are required to have completed the following training requirements:
1) Completed CERT Level 3 (CERT Level 3 Basic Training, be at least 16 years of age & possess a valid  
    California Driver’s License or a valid California ID card)
2) Completed CERT Level 2 (Two day “Shelter Fundamentals and Disaster Services Overview” training course, submitted
    certificates for FEMA Independent Study courses IS-100b, 700, and 800 and completed the entire process for a  
    Department of Justice background check.
Event Requirements
Upon arrival at any community event, training location or emergency IC, volunteers are required to conform to the following:
1) Present a current/valid CERT ID card. Volunteers can obtain an ID Card from Mari at the CSD Fire Training Facility
2) Arrive in full CERT uniform which is to consist of:
Shirt - Yellow Elk Grove / Galt CERT or a plain white shirt (no logos) with a CERT Vest worn over it
Pants – Black BDU / TCU / Cargo type pants. NO SHORTS ARE ALLOWED
Boots – Black
Jacket – CERT Jacket (Black or Yellow) or any jacket without logos as needed for personal safety
Hat (optional) – Only Elk Grove / Galt CERT hats are approved.
CERT Vest – CERT vest are required to be worn if the member is wearing a white shirt in place of a yellow CERT shirt 2) for all Traffic Control (no exceptions)
4) Volunteer Conduct - Volunteers are required to conduct themselves in a professional manner at all time.
Any member not conforming to any of the volunteer requirements will be immediately excused from volunteer duties. A review of such dismissal will be conducted and further actions may be taken.
Volunteer Equipment
It is not required nor encouraged that CERT members bring personal equipment to any community event, training session or emergency activation. Any and all equipment that is necessary to perform any CERT activity will be provided by Elk Grove / Galt CERT.
If you need a CERT ID Card please contact Marisela Suarez at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

CERT Event Services
CERT Information Booth/Trailer
The Elk Grove / Galt CERT team will provide CERT information to educate the community about the history of CERT, what CERT is today, available CERT Training as well as how CERT can be called upon to assist local emergency agencies when needed. The team will be setup with the CERT Disaster Trailer. This is a specially equipped trailer that contains much of the necessary equipment that our teams utilize in the event of a disaster.
Elk Grove / Galt CERT will work closely with the event organizers to position the CERT Trailer in an appropriate space that is centrally located within the event. This is even more critical when additional services are requested.
CERT Booth volunteers must have fully completed both CERT level 3 & 2 
First-aid "First Responders"
Many of our team members have elected to advance their training by attending the advanced CERT Level 1 “First Responder” medical training. This level of medical training requires our volunteers to dedicate themselves to many hours of advanced first-aid training. Emphasis is placed on necessary skills needed for the recognition of scene safety, assessment of the patient, lifting and moving patient, along with airway management, resuscitation efforts and use of an AED. When completed, volunteers are certified “First Responders”, one step below an Emergency Medical Technician (aka “EMT”) as well as being CPR/AED certified.
Below is a list of guidelines that Elk Grove / Galt CERT First Responders will conform to during community event support.
  • The CERT First Responders will be based out of the CERT Information/Disaster Trailer, thus the requirement to have the trailer centrally located within the event.
  • When appropriate, First Responders will roam the event in teams of at least 2 members as well as being located at the CERT Information/Disaster Trailer as all times.
  • All CERT Teams will be deployed with Radios so that they are in contact with one another as well as the CERT Information Trailer.
  • A First-Aid flag will be deployed at the CERT Information Trailer so that event participants know where to go for first-aid.
  • When needed, First Responders will contact EMS/911 as needed per the protocol set forth by the Cosumnes Fire Department.
Note: Regardless of the level of medical certification one may possess that is higher than that of a First Responder (i.e. EMT, RN …), CERT members, when in a volunteering role with Elk Grove / Galt CERT, are only approved to act within the scope of training of a First Responder. Any medical services that are required that is beyond the scope of training of a First Responder requires the member to contact emergency medical services.
CERT First-Aid volunteers must have completed all three CERT Level's (1, 2 &3) as well as having a valid CPR/AED certification 

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